Getting Ready to List the Car - Part 1: Overview

  • August 28, 2018

This post will be relatively short, but I plan on digging in deeper into handful of topics listed below.

Owning the Tesla Model S has been an interesting, exciting experience. I’ve learned a lot about using the car myself and what it takes to get the car ready for renters.

In short, I had to:

  1. Get a temporary parking permit for my neighborhood.
  2. Get charge cards for ChargePoint, EVgo, and SemaConnect.
  3. Get a Fastrak toll pass.
  4. Get a CHAdeMO adapter.
  5. Wait for license plates to come in.
  6. Convert the temporary parking permit to a regular parking permit.
  7. Clean the inside and outside of the car thoroughly.
  8. Take pictures.
  9. Write the car’s Turo listing.
  10. Make the car publicly available to book!

It took nearly a month to get everything above done. It took about 6 weeks from the day I bought the car until it was listed on the Turo website. It took another week and a half before anyone rented the car, which was mostly due to my incomplete listing for the car on the Turo website. If/when I go through this experience again, I’ll hopefully shorten this down to 2 weeks or so (depending on how quickly I can get the plates). About half of the necessary steps needed can be done prior to getting the car, and all but two of the remaining steps could be the first week of ownership.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know. As mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ll be digging deeper into some of the topics, particularly prepping the interior and exterior of the car prior to the first renter and crafting the listing on Turo.

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